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The Wellspring Story

With the desire to offer a unique high quality, natural health and wellness clinic to the RGV, Wellspring Natural Health of South Texas was born.

Our commitment to helping you get well and staying well is our focus and passion. We believe it is imperative in finding the “why” for your health struggles and together, to help you bring you back to your desired health. We utilize whole-food supplements, herbs, homeopathy, and other natural solutions to heal your failing body, organs, and cells.

At Wellspring, in addition to effectively treating body aches and pains, injuries from falls, sports injures and vehicle crashes with Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, we also focus on improving your overall health and vitality through Nutrition Response Testing®, cleansing, and a personalized clinical nutrition program.

We have been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life (including newborns, children, and adolescents) and the outcome has been miraculous.

Whether you are searching for relief from headaches, back or joint pains, or want to really change your life by gettin your health back, boost your energy and vitality, we will help you reach your goals.

Dr. William C. Paslak, DC, CCST, ACN
Chiropractor / Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Dr. William C. Paslak, D.C., C.C.S.T., A.C.N. has over 30-years of experience providing professional Chiropractic care and Clinical Nutritional Services to the Rio Grande Valley. He graduated in 1988 from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, Illinois, and holds post-graduate certifications in Spinal Trauma, Acupuncture, and Applied Clinical Nutrition and is an Advanced Nutrition Response Testing and Quatum Nutriont Testing Practitioner.

Vanessa Cantu
Office Manager / Patient Advocate / Associate Practitioner

Vanessa was in school for Nursing when she first started on her journey to better health. Her experience watching patients continuously get sicker convinced her that was not the kind of “health” care she wanted to practice. She left nursing to pursue a career where she could help others achieve real health using nutrition, and a holistic view of healthcare. She doesn't believe in "masking" symptoms with medication, but rather healing the body with whole food nutrition. She has completed the Certification for Nutrition Response Testing and is now working towards the Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Certification. Her professional background of Human Resources and Healthcare make for a great combination when she treats her patients. She has been the Office Manager, Patient Advocate, and now Associate Practitioner at Wellspring Natural Health of South Texas for the past 6 years.

When Vanessa is not assisting her patients achieve the best version of themselves, she enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband and 3 children. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality natural healthcare through Functional Nutrition, Chiropractic, and Massage to you and your family. We take a personalized approach to healing. Whatever your health condition might be, it is our passion to help you get well.

About Wellspring Natural Health of South Texas

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