Working 60 hour work weeks, I need to be in top form.

So trying to eat well and average 7-8 hours of sleep is hard. I was surprised as my body seemed to have random inflammation type pain for weeks at a time in my shoulder, my knee, my sinuses, and random other locations. Despite my best diet and supplement choices along with exercise, my body was out of control with inflammation, random fatigue, random dizziness, odd headaches and tinnitus.

Within two weeks of my commitment to keeping on the program, Dr. Paslak has helped me develop all my symptoms and complaints have reduced to nearly gone. I have better energy and clearer thoughts through the entire week. I can’t wait to eliminate any speed bumps in my health entirely.

Thank you Dr. Paslak!"

-Leslie C., CRNA

"When I first came here, I was having a lot of health problems.

Lupus, Diabetes, liver issues, lung issues, joint pain, muscle pain, and heart problems. Dr. Paslak is giving me supplements and a diet to help me feel better. He is also training me to make better food choices and do what I need to do to restore my health and feel better. Our main goal is to get to a point where I can say I am free of pain. I know I will get there with the help of God and Dr. Paslak. God willing.

Before, I was feeling a lot of pain and now I feel well. On a scale of 1-10, I feel a 8-9 on some things and already a 10 on others. So over all, I am doing a lot better. Thank you God, Thank you Dr. Paslak and a very sweet Doctor assistant, Vanessa."


"When I first came here, I was feeling terrible... Now, I feel amazing!

I had been to my family doctor numerous times to see what was going on, and he was no help. I was exhausted all the time. My stomach was bloated and always hurting. I always had shortness of breath. When I came in, I was on three different medications.

Now, I feel amazing! My stomach feels great! My allergies are under control. I sleep very well. Energy levels are at an all-time high and I no longer take my medications. I am now on the maintenance program and feel amazing!"


"After suffering with thyroid issues and not being able to lose weight for years.

Nutrition response testing was the only thing that worked for me."